Ahmed Mahmoud Khalil
January 11, 1954 - December 29, 2003
by Sakti Rinek

ahmed.jpg - 35149 BytesI'm very sad to say that Ahmed Khalil, a dear friend and business associate, passed away on December 29th 2003.

He had gone to Kiev, Ukraine to do his business selling gorgeous belly dance costumes and things. He arrived on December 28th and was found in a building he was going to rent between the 7th and 8th floor. There, he was hit on the back of the head and went into a coma and died the next day. Everything he had was taken—his luggage, money and passport.

The police in the Ukraine were trying to find out a way to identify him from December 29th until Jan 21st. They found an invitation from 2002 close to his body with a picture of him on it. The Egyptian Embassy was contacted and traced his family down. His body was positively identified on Jan 25th, 2003. His body will belaidd to rest in Egypt, his beloved country, on Saturday January 31, 2004.

For many years, all over the world, Ahmed's Cairo Bazaar had brightened up many festivals with quality costumes, dresses, hip scarves and more. Anyone who had the pleasure of meeting Ahmed knew what a kind, honest, gentleman he was. He always had a bright twinkle in his eye and was so willing to help everyone.

I was so fortunate to live with Ahmed in Cairo from 1991 -1995 during the time I was performing in Egypt. He was such a sweetheart and took care of me for everything such as organizing my bookings, escorting me everywhere I had to go and working together building the costume business. We also started together the new Turkish / Egyptian style costumes that is such a flattering design and well received everywhere.

Ahmed's business will live on through his family and me to carry on his legacy and support his young wife and infant son. I have added AHMED's CAIRO BAZAAR to my web site to this end. I have at this time many gorgeous costumes, dresses, hip scarves, shoes, canes and more.

In addition, there will be a website in Egypt with his family located at www.AhmedKhalil.net.

Ahmed Mahmoud Khalil is survived by his wife (Assia), son (Omar), mother(Halima), nephew (Diaa), niece (Dalia) and many more relatives. The international belly dance community lost a very special person and we will miss Ahmed so much. We will remember him in our hearts always.


SAKTI RINEK, World-Famous Bellydancer