Sakti is available for shows as a solo artist or with her troupe Sakti and the A La Nar Dancers!

I would like to introduce myself. I am Sakti, a devout performer and teacher of the ancient and enduring art of Middle Eastern dancing.

I offer a powerful and sensual floor show that captivated audiences around the world. I can perform as a solo show for the evening, or I can go on between a bands breaks. This gives the audience a chance to sit down, order a drink, relax, and enjoy my show.

I have performed throughout America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, thrilling crowds with my artistic and spirited show.

Description of Show
I offer a variety of specialty shows, including my master performance of classical Egyptian Belly Dance style. Having spent the past four years living and performing in Egypt, my repertoire has developed to include classical oriental, Pop Beledi Funk, Egyptian Folkloric Cane Dance (assaya), the Candle Tray Dance, the very popular and suspenseful Double Sword Dance (which brought me in great demand in all the Egyptian officer clubs). I also perform the special Egyptian Shamadan (candelabra) Dance, the Meleya Lef Folkloric, the Arabic Gypsy Flamenco, the Ghawazee Gypsy Dance, the 9/8 Turkish Gypsy Dance, and the Drum Solo. What ever it may be, my performance is truly artistic, spirited, and powerful. I express the feeling of Egyptian Dance, and project a great deal of energy that tends to thrill and ignite audience participation.

I combine costuming to enhance the mood of the dance such as gorgeous hand beaded Egyptian costumes with flowing skirts and veils as well as embellished crowns and head pieces. These unique dances, performed to taped authentic Middle Eastern Music or live music, combine color, sensual movement and distinctive lighting which together enhances an evening and is guaranteed to thrill the audience.

If you are interested in my unique show and want further information, please click HERE to read letters of recommendation. I will be glad to send you a promotional package, which includes photos, letters of recommendation, articles, reviews, and a video showing highlights of five different dances performed to live audiences.

Email Sakti Rinek:

Telephone: 575-758-9217 home/studio
cell: 575-770-3513
Mountain Standard Time (MST)

Address correspondence to:
Sakti Rinek
P.O. Box 3226
Taos, NM 87571


SAKTI RINEK, World-Famous Bellydancer